Modified Safariland UBL Mid Ride MUBLBK Regular price $ 25.00 Sale Color Quantity Add to cart The Modified UBL is designed to work with any holster that has the Safariland ELS hole ��� Safariland Mid-Ride 2 in. Safariland Mid-ride Tan Ubl 2 Belt Loop W/qls 22 - 6070UBL-76-MS22 1 of 3 images Safariland 6070UBL Mid-Ride Universal 2in Belt Loop with QLS Receiver, OD ��� ��������� SAFARILAND Mid-Ride CUBL (Cantable Universal Belt Loop)��泣����<�������潟�� ��������������ゃ�� CUBL (�����潟�帥����������������若�泣����������������若��)��糸����������鴻����翫�������������������ゃ����������������<�������������������ゃ�� ��� Before working in LE, I had ��� Safariland �����������������������������若�� UBL [ ��������������ゃ�� ] ��泣����<�������潟�� Mid-Ride ��������������ゃ�� �����������若�泣����������������若�� 6070UBL-2-2 ��������鴻�帥�� �����������≪�������帥�� ��������鴻�帥�若����� ��� Fits up to 2.25��� belts. ��������� SAFARILAND Mid-Ride Universal Belt Loop(UBL) (��泣����<�������潟�� ��������������ゃ�� �����������若�泣����������������若��) ������ ��祉�泣����<�������潟�������������鴻�帥�弱�������������激�с�潟����若����с����� 篁� ��� Putting the finishing touches on my Ronin battle belt. New Safariland 6070UBL Mid Ride Universal UBL Belt Set Loop 2 Belt Holster Drop $11.99 + shipping Seller 95.5% positive Picture Information Image not available Mouse over to Zoom ��� The UBL is a mid drop belt attachment that allows the holster to sit below the belt line, out of the way of other gear. We can mount the tek-lok completely vertical to mimic the standard mounting, or we can angle the tek-lok to remove the existing cant. Disponibile nei colori Nero, ��� Product Description FEATURES: SAFARILAND UBL MID RIDE ATTACHMENT FITS BELTS UP TO 2.25" FORMED WITH CNC PRECISION MOLDS SWEAT GUARD: The sweat guard is the ��� Safariland Mid-Ride Belt Loop Adapter - UBL Style Belt Loop Only, Mid-Ride Drop UBL 2in, 6070UBL-2-2 What other items do customers buy after viewing this item? Safariland 6070 Mid-Ride Universal Belt Loop Adapter - UBL. The UBL passes the retention pull test, and the duty UBL comes in two belt widths: 2��� (50mm) and 2.25��� (58mm) and three ride options, low-ride, mid-ride and hi-ride. Belt Loop Adapter - UBL Style, 6070UBL-2-2 will not pinch or add pressure to hip bone (support ridge removed from the belt shank). Secure your Safariland 6004 for Mid-Ride By Bryan Black Today I���m going to talk about a Safariland drop configuration you can custom make out of a standard 6004 holster. Safariland Safariland Model 6070UBL Mid-Ride Universal Belt Loop 6070UBL-2 Rating Required Name Email Required Review Subject Required Comments Required SKU: K ��� CUBL ��� Adapter modifies holster from a 3 hole T pattern, often a low ride holster to a mid-ride holster for a UBL Universal Belt Loop 3 hole holster. Compatible with all MWTS Gunslinger & Enforcer ��� Safariland products are used to protect law enforcement, military, and security professionals all over the world. 14 FREE Shipping Amazon's Choice for safariland 6070ubl Safariland Mid-ride Tan Ubl ��� (minus ��� Safariland Model 7280 7TS SLS Mid Ride Level II Retention Duty Holster for Glock 17 22 with SureFire X300U $434.50 Safariland Model 574 Magazine Holder And Light Pouch Paddle ��� Safariland Mid-Ride Belt Loop Adapter - UBL Style Loop, Mid-Ride Drop UBL 2in Customers also viewed these products Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1 Previous page Safariland ��� The ��� Adapts Safariland model 6285 to a model 6280, ��� ��������� SAFARILAND 6280F SLS MID-RIDE Duty Holster 鐚���泣����<�������潟�� 6280F SLS ��������������ゃ�� �����ャ�若����c�若�������鴻�帥��) 絲上����� ��祉����������� 92F/FS , 92/96Vertec , M9/M9A1 , 92 ��� By securing the holster setup to your leg, the thigh strap prevents the holster from pulling away when drawing your weapon. Wrapped Safariland UBL (Mid ride) 2.25" Available mods: 1.5" and 1.75" belt widths Straight Drop adjustment (Eliminates the 10 degree forward cant) Details Wrapped Safariland UBL (Mid ride���

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