I love your grey one you featured here. These are pretty basic and pretty accessible items. This is super comfortable to throw on to work from home or take Chief on a walk. Now that we’re transitioning to spring, it’s a staple I’ve been wearing on repeat as featured here, with faux-leather black leggings and belted, faux-leather black shorts or simply with jeans and a silk cami. http://www.chezmireillefashiontravelmom.com, I love how you styled this long cardigan. Please don’t forget to join my Daily Dose of Style FACEBOOK GROUP! Since I work from home, whenever I head out to meetings or events or do news segments, I’m all about making sure I wear a dress. All you need to do is swap out your jeans and tee and shoes. I loved it! My advice? Feb 23, 2020 - If you haven't noticed, cardigans are having their moment this fall and winter. November 12, 2020. I love long cardigans and wear them all the time. Donna ‍♀️❤️ If you have a button-down cardigan, then you can style it as a dress and even layer it over a matching-length dress. We have a ton of fashion fun in there! Whether you have a tunic, sweater dress, or cardigan, they can be dressed up or down for any occasion and season. Thanks for sharing your looks at the party. Cardigan styling option 1: With a … I’m spending most of my time cooking, working and going for daily walks in our neighborhood. Melanie (above) wore her cardigan with denim shorts, a pair of knee-high boots, a white tee, and a hat. November 30, 2019 by Avery Matera. Long sweaters are a fantastic fashion item for anyone! I actually only own 4-5 long cardigans (now I know that sounds like a lot), but these cardis I wear all the time. Finding that perfect long cardigan outfit is a must do in the winter months. Maybe you just want to rock a simple yet oversize cardigan style; good news, as they are also on trend! Chcoloate Collection. Seriously my daughter will use my cardigans as blankets! This is a daring way to wear your cardigan since you’ll be wearing one length all around/ Add heels to elongate your legs in this outfit and some simple jewelry to complete this look. 3. Wear the top tucked or untucked, and it needn’t be white. This clothing piece is perfect and versatile but as with other things, they can look dated if you don’t style them up right. It’s been an outlet for me to be open and honest about my fashion loves! Aire Duster Cardigan. Put a long cardigan over a mini skirt to elevate it. A long cardigan is something you should try this winter. SWAP 2018. Best length for you. See more ideas about outfits, cardigan outfits, autumn fashion. From pairing the knit with jazzy leopard-print pants to layering the cardigan with faux-fur coats and plenty of layered necklaces, these women are sure to inspire you on how to style your newest knitwear obsession. Long Cardigan Outfit – 3 Easy Ways to Style, Gingerbread House Tradition with Chewy Holiday Minis, New Year’s Eve Dinner Specials (AND GIVEAWAY! Long Cardigan Outfit #3: Bringing it back to the dress! How to style a cardigan for spring (and summer) I’ve taken one of my favorite spring cardigans from Ann Taylor and given it 3 looks. They are versatile and can be styled from casual to dressy. With a long soft cardigan, cami and leggings. They look good on everything! A cool, duster-length cardigan is the perfect topper for spring. Long cardigan outfits have been popping up all over Instagram and stores are consistently releasing them in different colors, prints and fabrics. Sweater. Today, I’m sharing How to Style a Long Cardigan with you. Copyright ©2016 Mom Generations. I've always been a fan of long cardigans. Best color for you. I want to make sure you see how easy it is and how fun it is to work in a long cardigan outfit into your wardrobe rotation. You may remember this tee from this fall white jeans outfit . This season I was very aware of adding more and more color into mu closet, so you’ll see this reflected in the color choices of my long cardigan sweaters. If you love this cute garment as much as I do, then you better read on to see different cardigan sweater designs and ways to wear it this Spring 2019. I’m also going to be starting a kid fashion one soon, too! Your leather shorts are such a head turner. Winter 2018. To keep your fall wardrobe updated without having to buy a new long cardigan, here are some ways that you can style it and make it look up to date. Try pairing a graphic tee with a long cardigan — the graphic tee creates a pleasing juxtaposition with the more refined cardigan. How to style a long cardigan outfit to add length and depth to your outfit. How to Wear the Cardigan Trend of Winter 2020 The Most Popular Sweater Trend For Fall. A cardigan sweater is a perfect solution. Here’s how I style my jeans three ways: Cuffed Blue Jeans, Long Cardigan, Van’s Slip-Ons. If you only have longer shirts, I would suggest tucking them into your jeans or tying a little knot in the front or side of your shirt to make it appear shorter. Buy it ($69) Available in sizes XXS to L Best fabric for you. jess xx But, how to wear them?! Boy, I was wrong. If you feel like going with classic colors – black, navy, beige, brown, white would be best for you, go with those colors. I’m all about swapping certain items out to make certain trends and looks and styles work. It’s adorable! Embrace this fact with options from J.Crew, Todd Snyder, Everlane, Aimé Leon Dore, Cos and more. Style Long Cardigan: A great cardigan adds drama, it adds length and it can hide a multitude of sins. I fully believe that you can and should be able to look your best without breaking the bank. ... long before she married Prince Charles. Spring 2018 6PAC. As you can see it works with the dress! I also wanted black, and bought a pair of faux leather leggings from Ann Taylor years ago, that I take out to style in the Fall months. The feel of this line of clothes is on the Bohemian side. A Dozen Pieces. You can easily style your own female long cardigan with the help of these small tips: Long cardigans can be easily styled by using a simple handbag or a clutch bag with the whole outfit. Like everyone else, we are adjusting to our new normal with homeschooling our 11 years old daughter and finding creative ways to keep everyone busy! You see my in my fave yellow one here! Ways I am thinking and have worn faux leather leggings include. What I love about this look is that you go from being in “basic” pieces to having a really chic look. You want to feel confident and beautiful and you CAN! Long cardigans are cute and cosy and I look forward to wearing them as we approach isolation and cooler winter weather. This super soft, open-front knit is an excellent place to start if you’ve never worn a long cardi before. When I received it, I didn’t even want to try it on because I had in my head that it would just swallow me whole. Cardigans aren’t just for cozy’ing up with on the couch! It's been fun experimenting with ways… I hope this helps and I hope you get a lot of use out of long cardigan sweaters! 2. How to Style a Long Cardigan: Our Top 10 Tips. When it comes to what to wear under a cardigan, keep the look simple if you’re going for something bold. Their links are at the end of the post. I wore this look out recently and I loved it! This makes for a great fall outfit particularly because she chose a longer cardigan for it. How to Style a Long Cardigan. Buy Similar Here. Buy this cardigan here. The ease of a cardigan is a practical layering piece.that is a natural staple to any closet. They’re my fave and I hope you love them as much as I do! I’ve always been a lover of long sweaters and long cardigans, so I’m excited today to share with you 3 easy ways to style. I like the way you’ve styled it here both over the pants and shorts. I’m going to share with you 3 different looks, all that are rocking a long cardigan as the “centerpiece” of the look. It has chic vibe about it and uplifts the simple outfit to another level How to wear your long, cozy, chunky ... we regularly take style influence from — Taylor Swift and Harry Styles, just to name two major contenders — are team cardigan for fall 2020. This article is part of our Fall Style Guide, a fortnight-long series aimed at helping you figure out how to dress for the coming season, which, as we’ve become accustomed to saying, isn’t going to be quite like any that came before it. With six neutral hues to choose from, there’s bound to be one that fits in with your existing fall wardrobe of black leggings and basic tees. Throw a denim jacket over your cardigan and a cozy printed scarf with bold colored skinnies and booties for a boho casual style.” When you are wearing a long cardigan, it’s important to wear a shirt underneath that is shorter than your cardigan. The ease of a cardigan is a practical layering piece that is a natural staple to any closet. Instead of wearing blazers to the office 5 days a week, try swapping it out with a long cardigan outfit. Prima November 2020 Cardigan Prima November 2020 Cardigan. I love being able to have cardigans that I could also double as a blanket! Add dimension and layers to the coat by pairing it with a long tiered dress. Different lighting affects how this cardigan appears, but, believe me, it's dark green. ), TEAM USA: Life is good Limited-Edition USA Tees, Daily Kid Style: Sweater and Boot Weather. Long Cardigan Outfit #2: I feel like we all have these 2 pieces in out closet that we can toss on – jeans and a white tee. Loving this Fashion Over 40 – Daily Does of Style Facebook Group (that I would LOVE for you to join) and I share trends and styles every single day in there, along with the best sales online for fashion. If you’re looking for the easiest way to wear and style a cardigan, go with this look. And you don’t need to be 40 years old!!!!!!! I love how easy it is to do this with a cardigan! ... Sew Ruthie Style SWAP 2018. It’s as easy as can be and such a great way to rock one. 1. Leith Cozy Long Cardigan. Actually – it’s a must do during anytime of the year when a long cardigan is acceptable! Combine a layering top with a pair of jeans, a long cardigan, and whatever you wear on your feet at home. Don’t be afraid to go for colour or a pattern – make it fun! Pair your longer cardigan with a mini skirt that is the same length as your cardigan to wear it out. It’s an easy way to make it work, but also have it come across in a chic and dressy way. You look stunning! To elongate your figure, style it with flared or boot-cut style of jeans. I hope my info helps! Long Cardigan Outfit #1: I personally love wearing dresses to work. We are all exposed of course and hope he doesn’t have it! https://lookingfabulousat50.blogspot.com/, Beautiful outfit! You could create a bunch of different looks with just one cardigan! I tried my H&M beige cardigan with my Calvin Klein floral dress and loved the look! Like this affordable polka dot halter top and long cardigan outfit. Exclusive deals and giveaways just for my subscribers, too! Parenting and lifestyle blog covering fashion, food, fitness, travel and daily life with 5 kids! The longer cardigan keeps you warm but if you need even more warmth with the same look, a pair of dark or nude tights worn underneath your shorts will help. The preppy style consisted of brogues, scarves and of course, cardigans. Love for you to subscribe! As with anything oversized, styling this piece is all about balancing out proportions. I love this look because it adds a casual look to this dress, too. As you can tell this is an easy way to just toss and go! (Cable-knit cardigan; Image courtesy: H&M) How to Style a Long Cardigan the French Chic Way. I have some really pretty long dresses that I just love wearing. With its opulent style and longer length, it can provide more stylish coverage. You want to make sure it’s going to work for you and your body. I promise if you find the perfect cardigan to go with the perfect outfit, it WILL work out and it will look amazing. Last year I bought a cardigan and didn’t realize it was a long in length. It’s a great place to learn new things, so I hope you come on over! long cardigans, southwestern long cardigans, how to style long cardigans, long cardis, monochromatic outfits, monochromatic tan outfits, pants with long cardigans, peach with tan, peach clutch handbag, clotch with tassels, paparazzi jewelry, Franco Sarto riding boots, Little Hotties thermal insoles Affordable Polka Dot Halter Top and Long Cardigan. Add fun booties for an added print or texture. Don’t be afraid to push the cardigan fashion envelope. thanks for linking! I’m styling a long cardigan outfit with crop utility pants for fall! 2020 is the year of the cardigan. Wear it to stay warm on chilly mornings, and in chilly offices, and then take it off for Happy Hour. When it comes to finding the perfect cardigan to put together a long cardigan outfit, you don’t need to buy yourself a bunch to make it work. What do I mean by this? I hope you are staying safe and happy Monday! The layering top can be a blouse, shirt, tank or tee. Buy it here. Finding that perfect long cardigan outfit is a must do in the winter months. Make sure whatever it is that you find is the best “feel” for you! Maureen | http://www.littlemisscasual.com, I don’t wear my long cardigans as much as I should. Make sure you share with me if there’s something you love and I missed it on the blog! When looking for the best long cardigans sweaters for yourself, think about 3 things: 1. It’s not longer available but I linked a nice selection from Nordstrom, Target and Old Navy below. My best fashion advice is to find one long cardigan that is versatile and will work a bunch of different ways with a bunch of different looks. You want to make sure you find a cardigan that will work on the color front for you. I love a long cardigan and it looks espevcially great belted. Here are four ideas for how to style it. https://donnadoesdresses.com. (It looks great with a little black dress in the evening!) I do like them for their coziness. A small handbag in red, blue or even teal colour will accentuate your style greatly. Stay in the Same Color Palette Go monochromatic and style the coat with beige, yellow, and cream pieces. I wear faux leather pants with a long tunic sweater. Its long length covers your legs, so leave it to the long cardigan to cover your arms. The Slone Ranger-Style Cardigan . Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Jan 31, 2020 - Explore mommainflipflop *'s board "Cardigan Outfits", followed by 3762 people on Pinterest. Just take a peek below to see how stylish women around the world are styling the pretty little pearl cardigan by French fashion influencer Adenorah’s brand, Musier Paris. This has turned into my favorite spot online and I love sharing there every single day! Long and loose styles can work for all times of year and all occasions. They come in a variety of shapes, fits, styles, and fabrics. LONG CARDIGANS–You may have noticed long cardigans are a big hit this season. While it’s not my main style choice, I do love to add Bohemian pieces to my wardrobe to shake things up a bit. Create a shapely silhouette by accessorizing with a waist-cinching belt. Long cardigans have been around for as long as we can remember. Button it up and style with thigh-high boots to make a statement. Grab these items and pair with a long cardigan. Enjoy having your children close and hopefully this passes soon! (Please note that there are some Affiliate links above.). Six Bloggers Show Us How To Style Jeans. Personally, I love oversized cardigan sweaters. I have to say, I loved it! Find the perfect one for you and learn how to style it so you can turn heads when you walk into a room! ... DIY long pile burgundy faux fur coat and black faux leather trousers 1 week ago Teal Winter 2017-2018. I’m wearing a cardigan … This pretty BR duster cardigan comes in a handful of lovely colors, but this neutral sandy beige is my favorite. I was eyeing one for a long time and finally scored the perfect one last month from Old Navy. I’ve always been a lover of long sweaters and long cardigans, so I’m excited today to share with you 3 easy ways to style. I love how the rust color plays off the cool tones in that look, but I also love how it pairs with earth tones like beige and olive green. All Rights Reserved. If you haven’t noticed, cardigans are having their moment this fall and winter. I was eyeing one for a long time and finally scored the perfect one last month from Old Navy. Luckily, spring is here and we get to appreciate all the beauty Mother Nature has to offer during this time of year. This cardigan is lightweight and has a little sheen to it so I can wear it day or night. The jeans here are skinny and straight but you can wear any jeans silhouette. While super long cardigan coats are trending right now, I steer clear because they’re so long on my 5’5″ frame, I feel they overwhelm me. March 23, 2020 March 26, 2020 Bon & Chic Style. How to Style a Long Cardigan the French Chic Way, View christinebesen’s profile on Pinterest, http://www.chezmireillefashiontravelmom.com, https://lookingfabulousat50.blogspot.com/, http://www.elegantlydressedandstylish.com, French Chic Fall Essential: Faux Leather Shorts, French Chic Holiday Essential: The Metallic Pleated Skirt, French Chic Romantic Look: Dark Floral Dress & Suede Boots, How to Wear a Graphic Tee the French Chic Style, Fall French Chic Outfit: Neutral Blazer & Print Leggings, How to Get that Minimalist French Chic Look, French Girl Summer Style: Pink Puff-Sleeved Cotton Dress, Summer Chic Look: The Little White Top & Denim Paperbag Pants. I really love thos leather shorts with the chunky boots, fun and chic! They look and feel warm and cozy. http://www.elegantlydressedandstylish.com. I asked my stylist buddy Jenna what her favorite winter trend was and she replied, “Layers on layers! But I do like some of the longer styles — like to the knee or mid-thigh. In the warmer months, I’m a sucker for halter tops. I feel like any cardigan that you can find that works with any of your dresses, this is an easy and classic look for work. I love soft and cozy. How To Style Long Cardigans? It’s perfection and I can see why you’d been wearing it so much. This dark green (with underlying brown tones) August Silk cardigan is a new addition to my collection. The weather it too warm for a ginormous coat, but it’s not warm enough to go without something. Your email address will not be published. This might not be great work attire for you, but it’s great after hours attire! Get four tips on how to style a long cardigan. Usually I would wear a blazer or a moto jacket with a dress for an added layer, but I decided to try my long pink cardigan for this one. Stay safe! Learn how to use your long cardigan outfit to make you look lean! Actually – it’s a must do during anytime of the year when a long cardigan is acceptable! Lately I have been wearing it almost everyday, now that we are all confined at home due to the recent Coronavirus outbreak. Dec 6, 2020 - Explore Wednesday Reich-Jacoby's board "long knit cardigan" on Pinterest. My son came back home from his study abroad program in Paris and has to self-quarantine for 14 days. See more ideas about clothes, cute outfits, my style. I’m sharing all the must have trends and styles, along with the best deals out there each week right in your inbox!