The FAL is capable of bringing down enemies in 4 to 5 shots and even in 2 shots if you aim for the head. PlayStationGrenade Recommended for you 13:33 Now you know the ins and outs of the FAL, why not check some of our other Warzone guides? This is our recommended attachments for the FAL medium range build. Other popular Assault rifles in Warzone, even if they’re the least choices you’d want to make, are the FR 5.56 and the FN Scar 17. With the FAL fully unlocked, players can turn this solid assault rifle into an absolute slayer. Black Ops 2 was definitely the highlight of the FAL in COD. Cagefighter – M13 – Blueprint Setup and Attachments. FN FAL is another assault rifle that is very good in terms of stats, and RAM-7 is the third-best weapon in its class. ... Modern Warfare and Warzone season 4 Patch Update 1.22 adds in game events. Read on for the best FAL Warzone loadout and attachments. Expect this weapon to be nerfed sometime during Season 5. Read this Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2020 & Warzone guide to learn more about the attachment Burst! Just like AUG A3, it has super-fast time to kill with a fantastic range and accuracy. FN Scar 17