Photo: Charlotte Jay. Barrel Jellyfish. Compass Jellyfish Taken in the waters off Skokholm Island. Description: 16 distinct vertical lines on the bell giving its name. Shop Compass Jellyfish by TAOJB available as a T Shirt, Art Print, Phone Case, Tank Top, Crew Neck, Pullover, Zip, Baseball Tee, Sticker, Long T Shirt, Long Sleeve T Shirt, Pullover Hoodie, Ringer Tee, Raglan Pullover Fleece, Premium Tank, Premium Scoop, Racerback and Premium Sleeveless V. Compass jellyfish (Chrysaora hysoscella) – this one has dark compass markings and it's sting is like that of nettles . Yellow/white in colour. Members of the class Scyphozoa are gonochoric. Barrel Jellyfish. Following a brief period attached to the seabed, their polyps hatch and develop into large aggregations of jellyfish which are born male at first and turn into females later in life. These are the first ones to appear in April and are up to the size of a dustbin! Sixteen brown, V-shaped radial markings point to the centre of the bell, typically against a background of cream to yellowish brown,…. 833).