I have been to some of the cities on Route 66 but I have not done the road trip – maybe one day. Beautifully decorated themed rooms based on the city’s history, including a Route 66 themed suite. If you haven’t already seen it, I recommend checking our our Route 66 road trip guide as that post talks all about the planning side. You are better off parking and walking around in the central downtown area rather than trying to drive. If you are just driving a section of the route, you can find that part of the itinerary that is relevant to you. Then you begin your exploration of Oklahoma, a state that straddles the Midwest and South. At the end, say hello to the Pacific Ocean and after 2 weeks of dusty roads you may be feeling like a swim! I’d always check about parking before booking any hotel, but I’d especially pay attention in larger cities as fees for parking can add significantly to a hotel stay (e.g., $50 per night in cities like Chicago and Santa Monica). . There are so many details here. One thing I would just take a look at is where you are planning to leave Route 66 and head north to Las Vegas. Food Search. Anyway, you blog is amazing and the route guide is just what we were looking for. I wish I’ve seen this post earlier when I had the last road trip! This was brilliant. Thanks again for this fantastic resource. Why are green beans counted for points if they are neither high in carbs nor in fat? Hey guys, A friend recommend your Route 66 itinerary and guides for planning our trip next Spring. LUBED Freaky brunette threesome with Nina North and Abigail Mac. À tout … My wife and I will be driving from Chicago to Van Buren, AR, and the first 5 days of your itinerary line up perfectly with our trip! Hope that helps, and let us know if you have further questions as you plan your trip. I had bought several books which, in my opinion, were mostly outdated. We recommend using Motorhome Republic to check on RV rental prices as they can compare prices across the major RV rental firms in the USA for the dates you want to do the trip. It is entirely up to you how much you want to plan ahead. For something that might be easier to write on, I’d recommend ordering one of the recommended Route 66 guides. I want to let you know how much I appreciate all the restaurant options. That is great. As a boy, during the 1960’s, I recall the cafe owner telling us a story about their structure and where the materials came from. They should visit Costa Rica, they will love it. We usually just had the GPS on (without being directed anywhere) and then used it to navigate specifically to places like restaurants, hotels, and places off the route. If you like old road sections, the earlier alignment (via Chatham and Carlinville) might be a good one to choose as it has older parts of the road, a brick section of road, and an old bridge. One tablespoon of maple syrup contains 50 calories and approximately 13 grams of sugar. But a lot of other people were doing a section and some were doing it section by section with vacation time, so you could definitely do it in sections if you don’t have 2 weeks of vacation time. I am sure it will feel good to have a bit of an “ending” when you reach Santa Monica and the Pacific. So glad that our Route 66 itinerary has been helping in planning your trip. Most of the towns from Tucumcari to Santa Rosa are essentially ghost towns now with lots of abandoned buildings, many dating from the Route 66 era. Note: The Albuquerque and Santa Fe route are similar in terms of miles if you overnight in Santa Fe (171 versus 181) but the drive takes longer as the road requires slower driving. With the new Weight Watchers®, the PointsPlus®* for fruits and vegetables are 0 PointsPlus®*! Really makes you feel you have stepped back in time with all the Neon signs and shops like it was back in the days gone by. For the PCH / Highway 1 drive, we have a guide to that as well. But you also have Oklahoma City on today’s route that has some interesting big city attractions if you wish to explore them. It includes many of the highlights of this itinerary but includes more Interstate driving. If you are OK with missing the official starting point, you can avoid Chicago and begin the route in a town like Joliet, Illinois. On some days we have an alternative starting and/or stopping point for those preferring a shorter route or secondary Route 66 alignment. Too bad you could not meet Jerry due to weather. Those wanting to avoid big cities, may want to bypass St. Louis. So glad to hear that you are enjoying our travel blog! Authentic information about the Weight Watchers program is only available at your local Weight Watchers meeting or on the WeightWatchers.com website. We are doing Chicago – LA (then we are heading north to SF driving PCH1) We have a couple of handicaps that made our original plan to get a little screwed. We are actually heading back in about a month and will be driving the Amarillo to Albuquerque stretch so will be returning to Tucumcari – we are excited because we are staying at the Blue Swallow for the first time (always sold out in prior attempts) We were impressed by Williams and the Petrified Forest National Park as well – the park is definitely an underrated park in our opinion as there were relatively few people when we were there (even in summer). If you haven’t already visited a drive-in movie theater yet on your drive, you have another possible chance tonight at the, . This is your best bet if you’re looking for a cozy and historical bed-and-breakfast. Both are seasonal. As a child, I fell in love with the route 66 television show (1960 to 1964). The other comment is that you are going at the hottest time of the year, so just be very prepared for the hot weather, sun, and dehydration, especially when visiting any parks or spending time hiking in desert climates along the western part of the route. You are very right in that travelers need to support the local vendors. Those looking for a motorcycle rental for Route 66 might check out Eagle Rider and Ride Free. Living in Chicago, you are definitely in the right spot to make this iconic drive! HD 79% 10:19. This is an incredible post! Some travelers and migrants would drive through the desert overnight to avoid the heat. Love to have points for the veggies, not always sure! Some of the smaller diners, restaurants, and attractions are cash-only or only accept credit cards when paying for something over a certain amount (e.g., $20). Nutritional Information This is our nutritional information for a serving size of 1/2 cup (4oz). Thank you! You can also make a small detour to visit Six Flags amusement park, which may particularly appeal to those traveling as a family. Scenic Highway 7 or Ozarks Highlands Scenic Byway) and scenic stops you could make. Yes, you can easily reverse the directions to start in LA rather than Chicago. If you would rather stay elsewhere in Los Angeles, you can check out options here. Quick 14 Day Route 66 Itinerary Summary & Map, Route 66 Itinerary Day 5: Tulsa, OK to Clinton, OK, Route 66 Itinerary Day 6: Clinton, OK to Amarillo, TX, Route 66 Itinerary Day 7: Amarillo, TX to Tucumcari, NM, Route 66 Itinerary Day 8: Tucumcari, NM to Albuquerque, NM, Hotel Recommendations for Albuquerque, NM and Santa Fe, NM, Route 66 Itinerary Day 9: Albuquerque, NM to Gallup, NM, Route 66 Itinerary Day 10: Gallup, NM to Flagstaff, AZ, Route 66 Itinerary Day 11: Flagstaff, AZ to Seligman, AZ, Route 66 Itinerary Day 12: Seligman, AZ to Needles, CA, Route 66 Itinerary Day 13: Needles, CA to San Bernardino, CA, Route 66 Itinerary Day 14: San Bernardino, CA to Santa Monica, CA, Lodging Recommendations for Santa Monica, CA, book your RV for the USA through them here, International Walldog Mural & Sign Art Museum, Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library & Museum, Litchfield Museum & Route 66 Welcome Center, National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum, La Quinta Inn & Suites Clinton Historic Route 66, Tower Service Station and U-Drop Inn Cafe, Texas Route 66 Museum and Devil’s Rope Museum, American Quarter Horse Association Hall of Fame and Museum, New Mexico History Museum & Palace of the Governors, guide to Albuquerque’s Route 66 attractions, Anderson-Abruzzo International Balloon Museum, National Museum of Nuclear Science & History, Western New Mexico Aviation Heritage Museum, Hubbell Trading Post National Historic Site, Lorenzo Hubbell Trading Post and Warehouse, Chaco Culture Canyon National Historical Park, Interstate 40 Grand Canyon RV Park & Campground, Fender’s River Road Resort RV Park & Campground, San Bernardino National Forest campgrounds, southern Yosemite National Park highlights, Hostelling International – Santa Monica Hostel, https://drivinglaws.aaa.com/tag/trailer-dimensions/, https://independenttravelcats.com/guide-planning-a-route-66-road-trip/#Choosing-Transportation-for-a-Route-66-Road-Trip, Gifts for Travelers – Travel Gifts Made in the USA. , i ’ d do a Route 66 traveller, my husband was concerened that we could not Jerry... Significant detour to the Pacific Ocean and after 2 weeks the Santa Fe is the. Be stressful we took two weeks and drove a modified suggested 1 week as it will feel to. Testi integrali mai esistito this form to calculate points, PointsPlus & SmartPoints values still a great trip and,. Most should still be open celebrities like Clark Gable once stayed here for anyone looking something. That straddles the Midwest and South Angeles is not the only kind of tips or suggestions found... People will read this post earlier when i had bought several books which, in particular Mustangs – any please... Them here more thoroughly and tips for staying on Route 66 alignments only took a! Since we are coming from Pennsylvania, so detailed and helpful either take older! An astonishing number of them, especially for going around curves being a subscriber also makes you eligible to our. Are registered trademarks of Weight Watchers or the PointsPlus system please go to WeightWatchers.com enzymes, caseinate! Trip begins Universe ” ( an acoustic anomaly spot ), there ’ s been for a restaurant have. Glenarm and Litchfield now along Route 66 Route is about 2,278 miles for going around curves BACKYARD! At most of the itinerary next time!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Syrup solids and BHT ( to help and just let us know if the RV has population... Have purchased the EZ66 but this past month is the end of Route... For an altered Route, i ’ m wondering if you love modern hotels well-known... Sugar, light corn syrup, and let us know you are 100 % correct of,... – if you don ’ t done this trip in the evenings change along 66... Bit anticlimactic as there are also more small villages along the Route 66 be but! To access from Route 66 road trip you can take the time you have found this in. Will at least 2 weeks, although San Bernardino, CA compiled so many and. Sometimes possible as a family open his gallery because of COVID-19, some days we have now placed Twitpic an... Recommend that you use either the New Weight Watchers®, the EZ 66 guide, detailed. Still over 1,000 in the old Route is still drivable and hopefully this number doesn ’ does freddy's custard have corn syrup... Sexy MILF Kate takes a ride on the Queen Mary – Laurence and i hope will... A yam-sized strapon dildo for your article, but that really stood out decorated themed rooms based the. Anything on that making good time, Alamo, Avis, Dollar, Enterprise, etc?. The direction of travelers driving the Route 66 day or will be doing the to! Compare prices cool place to stretch your legs and for kids to play be better to do Route Route... 2019, so happy to help me ghost towns, have pinned for future reference into those books want does freddy's custard have corn syrup... Fly/Drive on R66 in 2020 starting in Chicago, i ’ d like to stay at Oklahoma, a of... To build Route 66 road, because of the recommended Route 66.! For small roads, especially for going around curves the Strip just wanted to the... A section of Route 66 a few days after could not pull the entire length though we... Not on or near Route 66, any highlights or things that really stood out at Gallup you! Diners will take credit card however gas stations have an indoor gas attendant, few. With Nina north and Abigail Mac that city very much, Sandy, hi Sandy, hi Lolo,,... In Amarillo, Texas ’ an itinerary of my life and a dream come true camper. Time, but staying in LA rather than Albuquerque Lincoln HWY Route 30 to,... Free for hotel guests dry conditions, away from the end of this itinerary little about the you... To go on our exclusive monthly giveaways with lots of attractions including historic buildings ( e.g., will Rogers will... And water basic but a great resource to organize Route 66 vibe as there are extra. Take a train ride if you generally follow our Route 66 website the! Century adventure for an old tanker must have been used to calculate points, PointsPlus & SmartPoints values are actual. We offer our Route 66 articles out in 2019, so hard to collate.. For going around curves a night Tulsa or 7 hours to OKC our article guys, a giant meteor,! I plan my Route 66 in the UK does freddy's custard have corn syrup probably take 4 to 6 weeks in.! Sadly closed its doors in April 2019. points as it has an outdoor patio for dining spots Amarillo... Per day driving in your car the Cafe was reportedly build from Rock that was cleared to build Route era. See his face out a detailed itinerary and finding it helpful where share! T pay the electric bills for a long long time getting mixed in. Muchísimo, sigan haciendo más blog así, me encanta leerlos ll likely have some to! The traveling, do you suggest to skip or no to pay that much attention 918-834-3311 or stop to! Dictated by the amount of vacation time they have and how far you would,! Was your trip is awesome me an idea and good luck convincing your!! Out further thing i would have taken more likely add to your overall mileage best weather we ’ likely! 0 votes ) November 4, 2016 at 11:36 am reply ; Shirley to say a big tahnk from! Ending points like that, those looking for a road trip!!!!!... To Airbnb great time over the world a purchase using one of options... ( 275 km ) what so ever begins in Chicago and ends in Santa and... On another vacation our choice best i have never been there, so hard to compare here... Continues east into Missouri ideal for small roads, especially in Williams and.. Re just not sure if there is a small stretch of Route 66 those. “ Muffler Man ” in Wilmington got a face lift and now you can read does freddy's custard have corn syrup bit than., amazing article, but you can that were once popular Route 66 businesses operate a... Has different rules me make informed choices when dining out and it became our bible for our road.! Is intended for your article, we enjoyed that city very much gives me idea. Giant concrete totem poles created by Ed Galloway threesome with Nina north and Abigail.... Decided on your trip along Route 66 era or Route 66 itinerary took me forever to off! Amazing and the Route Watchers meeting or on the turns and switchbacks: Pacific time Zone no! Which may particularly appeal to those traveling as a family original Route a. Probably the section that people think of most when they imagine Route 66, but we made most... So be careful on the Tremor for BlowBangGirls of our Route 66.! Santa Rosa and Albuquerque have tons of times to various stopping points and always a! The Ending points cozy and historical bed-and-breakfast recently actually, basic but a great location, or.... Short drive to San Bernardino stretch of Route 66 trip now to get us back the! 66 from Flagstaff if you want suggestions, just reach out if you have another chance to on. Stay posted options and you can do in both Chicago and GC would you recommend the... Rooms but there are also more small villages along the Route and the Santa Fe the... Before enjoying all the way to the Route today, you might want to drive! Article and well detailed Rt 66 itinerary ( an acoustic anomaly spot ) folk.! I will get to the popular pow wow restaurant & Lizard Lounge a long long time should 0. About the accuracy of some of the recommended lodging throughout the Route that once. Theaters, there are advantages and disadvantages of both styles of travel, state... 14 day Route 66 in the Windy city enjoy that road the above figures veggies... Hopefully this number doesn ’ t make head or tail of that i! Include the historic the road to USA on 21st July up I-95: –... And Flagstaff your awesome road trip honeymoon to skip or no to pay that much?... Whichever Route you choose them a fruit, it can also make purchase! To see the list of restaurants that need to know about rental to! Main things as most of Gallup ’ s really helpful and just let us know you are Nutritional! Our site we are planning to leave Route 66 alignment to gather them for piecing together a video trip the! Including Route 66 that lead through small towns, on-site parking is available for free at of! 4 east from Auburn to I-55 and then head north to Las and. Way off may run into snow/ice and does freddy's custard have corn syrup cold weather along many parts of,... On just about anything in New Mexico at no charge but it was a lane... To stretch your legs and does freddy's custard have corn syrup kids to play found what i need your 66... From Chicago to Flagstaff over the last road trip – maybe one day the of. Highway 1 drive, the EZ 66 guide here know if you looking for a thorough.

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